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"Hi! I'm Damon Baesen a webdeveloper from Mortsel (near Antwerp). I like to develop/design fresh and user-friendly websites, applications, ... Yeah everything that is in the cloud or on pages. If you are interested in me, please contact me and maybe we will be best friends!"

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My Skills!


HTML (5)

Building a good website starts with the basics. HTML is here one of the key building blocks that you will definitely need!

Logo CSS

CSS (3)

The formatting of a website is not more important than the content inserted in the website. Yet it is important to develop a website user-friendly and convenient as possible!

Logo Javascript


View content in a designer website is one. Interaction implement certain things is also important for the user experience. This is the reason why I use this in any website.

Logo PHP

PHP (7.0)

In order to be able to build a shop you must work with a database. Also to get people to leave their own profile to create as Facebook you should use a database.

Logo Laravel


Besides writing PHP you can recently more and more make use of Frameworks. Laravel is also a framework where I already have the basic knowledge about. Nevertheless, I'm still here to learn about!



An alternative language Visual Basic is ASP.NET. As a programmer, it is very important to learn as many different languages. That's why I think it is very important to taste this language!

Logo Photoshop


A picture can be taken pretty. Still, a picture is not always what people expect of it or they may prefer to see an edited photo. This is all possible! Also the designs for websites or applications are made in Photoshop.

Logo Drupal


An alternative way to also build professional websites is using Drupal / Wordpress or other CMS systems. Building this kind of websites is very easy for people who can not build a website yourself! Something for you?

Logo Illustrator


Besides a professional and user-friendly website is also a professional logo for the reputation of your company. For designing logos I always use Illustrator!

Work work work...

3D-object preview



BASEWAPP preview


Mobile Application

Logo Hammer preview


Logo Design

IMD-bier preview


Branding Design

Infographic preview

Infographic IMD

Infographic Design

Flair Redesign Mobile preview

Redesign Flair (Mobile)

Mobile Website Design

Flair Redesign Desktop preview

Redesign Flair (Desktop)

Website Design

CampingVRT preview


Website Development

Thuis In Huis preview

Thuis In Huis (VRT)

Mobile Application

Designosource preview

Designosource 6.0

Website Development

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